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The Opening Of 123th Canton Fair

- Apr 16, 2018 -

The 123th China importing and exporting trading fair starting in 15th,April in Guangzhou, this fair have in total 24554 domestic and foreign company attented ,the total area of this fair is 118.5 square meter,60475 exhibition stands in total.

This year the Canton fair have set 152 Exhibition prefecture,represented advanced enterprise brand of made in china ,exporting exhibition brands reached to 2149.This exhibition optimize new ared for new  energe sources theme,proprietary intellectual property rights ,properietary brand,high technology content and increase of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly products,featured more the made in china and chinese brand image.

This Canton fair importing area set 6 prioduct zone, have totally 617 comopanies from 34 countries and regions participated the fair.Among those 382 companies of 21 countries and regions along the line of  "the Belt and Road ",for example ,Ukraine,Egypt,and Turky participate this fair as the national pavilion.

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