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The Honda CBR150R

- Apr 13, 2018 -

The Honda CBR150R is a 150cc (lightweight)sport bike ,which is part of the CBR series manufactured by a Honda subsidiary A.P.Honda in Thailand and Astra Honda motor in Indonesia .Built as the successor to the 2-stroke NSR150,the bike has been sold in Thailand market starting from 2002 and they have been exported to many Asian countries and south Africa .Honda Thailand produces the new fuel-injected (PGM-FI)version in 2010,which has lower power than the carbureted version .The CBR150R went on sale in India in March 2012.

In 2014,Honda updated the CBR150R, with the body inspired from the 2012CBR1000RR.This update was applied to Indonesian market only.In 2016 ,Honda had introduced a fully updated version of the CBR150R,which has the body inspired from the 2016 CBR500R.This version also has the new engine since its introduction in 2002.Like the 2014 update, this variant is only sold in Indonesia, and exported to the Philippines.

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