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Taiwan Taipei International &Accessories Exhibition

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Time :April 9-12. 2018

Address:Taipei world center 

TAIWANMOTORCYCLE is one of the most professional and representative locomotive industry exhibition in Asian .It is held once a year .The first exhibition was held inn 2006 and the 11th in 2016.The exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition,attended by motorcycle industry professionals such as manufacturers,dealers and amateurs.In addition to show the advantages of Taiwan's locomotive industry structure,this machine show also invites locomotive operators from United States,Germany,Italy,and other European and American countriesto participate in the exhibition in Taiwan.For the first time the mainland is planning to set up 13 spare parts operators to participate in the grand event in Taiwan.Complete presentation of related products in the upper ,middle and lower reaches of locomotive industry.The exhibition ,held at the same time as the Taiwan Electronic Motor Show and the Taipei Auto parts show, constitutes a grand gathering of cars and accessories in Taipei.

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