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Motorcycle Cylinder Block Maintainance

- Mar 28, 2018 -

  Today we are going to investigate the wear of the mortocycle cylinder block.It is well-known that the service time of a motorcycle is caculated by it's overhaul mileage.And the main sign of mileage caculation is decided by the wear of cylinder bore and bent axle,most importantly the the wear of cylinder bore.After the cylinder bore is worn badly,the space between the valve and internal wall of cylinder will grow,then will incur the air leaking and noise problem inside the space.At this moment,oil consumption will grow rapidly,at the same time the pollution discharge,therefore influence the machine's function and efficiency as a result of the requirement of overhaul repairment.Every owner would  wish thier motorcycle function well as long as possible,and the cylinder block is a very important part to maintain ,so below are some important instrustions to follow:

  1. Even though the inner part of the cylinder block looks bright and shine when just came out from the factory,however through it's microcosmic aspect,it still has between 0.1-0.2μm difference of concave-convex ,the protruding part is easy to get damaged.If at this time,the cylinder is overloaded it will cause the strain of inner cylinder,so at the run-in period of the motorcycle ,please beware of and take light load.

  2. The engine of mordern motocycle has high valve velocity,even lose it's lubrication at a very short time can cause serious wear of the cylinder surface ,even completely damage.In order to avoid the unlubrication friction ,please be sure it's engine under good lubricating condition.

  3.The air goes to the cylinder through filter ,contains lots of dust and grit,it will aslo increas the damge of the wear of cylinder inner space.So the periodic cleaning of the air is essential,when necessary,need to change the filter element,on the other hand,check often the sealing of the joint to avoid contaminated air goes through the filter,to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure,a sponge is also helpful,and if use sponge,it must be washed daily in case of the block .     4.The phenomenon of cylinder stick means the stick between the valve and cylinder block,it will cause a total ruin of both cylinder block and valve.And it's not only causde by unlubracation,but aslo the overheating of the engine.So be catious of the overheating problem,once you find when you increase the accelerator the velocity goes down instead up,you must stop immdediately until the engine cools down or the whole cylinder is going to be damged.                                                          07706ce45af6a3fb9555ed222451beac_p201706131554178498336.jpg     

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