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Main Function Of Motorcycle Instrument

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Motorcycle Instrument Main function has eight items, each function parameter index please see below:

1. Lamp status Indication: This function is mainly used to display the current working status of the motor lamp, the color of left and right light is green, the color of the far light is blue.

2. Position indication: The position lamp on the instrument is used to display the current position of the motorcycle, when the switch is turned on, the green indicates the gap, and the color becomes red from 1-4 gears.

3. Motorcycle Speed Indicator: Through the speed of the pointer can know how fast the current speed.

4. Oil quantity display: Used to show motorcycle consumption and remaining oil quantity.

5. Total mileage shows: During the motorcycle driving process, the liquid crystal will refresh the total mileage in real time.

6. Instrument Night display: To facilitate the night when driving, view the motorcycle instrument function parameters.

7. Power off: After the lock is switched off, the mileage can be stored, and when the lock is turned on, it can be displayed on the LCD in the last step.

8. Shockproof: Even if the motorcycle is in a bumpy ride, the oil quantity pointer will not be disturbed by it.

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