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How To Adjust Car Odometer

- Jun 14, 2017 -

1. Find the car clutch casing, this position is not the same, some in the gearbox or transmission shaft of the odometer sensor plug, and then gently pull out.

2. Then insert the output jack of the meter into the signal jack of the unplugged sensor latch.

3. Insert the meter accurately into the cigarette burner, the cigarette burner you should know that.

4. Turn on the car key, rotate it, adjust the small knob on the watch, and adjust the speed of the car to the desired rate.

5. At the beginning of the work, the number will automatically advance a lot, about 8 hours, can be automatically increased by 3000 km away, very useful.

6. Special attention: Jack Best try a hole, not each to try, to ensure that the signal is plugged into the hole, or the meter will fail.

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