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Fuel Gauge Daily Use And Fault Self-check

- Jun 14, 2017 -

In daily use, you can use the short distance mileage switch after refueling, select a or B to calculate the approximate fuel consumption (hold the switch 2 seconds after the mileage can be cleared 0), master the fuel consumption of the car, it is proposed to estimate the distance in the future, in the observation of the oil table as a reference, to avoid the possibility of inconvenience, if the feeling fuel gauge indication of deviation, you can check the first, check the following methods:

(1) Turn off the ignition switch, the left hand press the short distance odometer switch and maintain,

(2) Press and hold, the right hand to open the ignition switch,

(3) Continue to press the short distance odometer switch about 5 seconds after the LED display "Eese" letter,

(4) Release the short distance odometer switch immediately after displaying "Eese",

(5) Release at the same time led start to display the group number 01, click the Switch to display 02.

(6) Note that the fuel table pointer starts to wobble, and normally the fuel meter displays data every 2 seconds.

(7) If the pointer swings normally, the fuel gauge is normal, indicating that the oil quantity is not allowed to malfunction may be oil level sensor, there will be two kinds of phenomena: first, the display value is higher than the actual oil quantity, the second is the display value is lower than the actual, this needs to check or adjust.

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