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Feria De Las 2 Ruedas Colombia

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Feria de las 2 ruedas colombia ( colombia 2 wheels fair) is one of the most professional , targeted and large-scale motorcycle fair. This fair have large customers coverage,the fair area is over 20,000 squre meter.During the fair ,there will be motorcycle thrill show,motorcycle brand conference ,press conference ,motorcycle products illustration meeting which will enhance the fair to a better level.Feria de las 2 ruedas colombia is aimed to make closer the relationshuo of all motorcycle and bycicle producer ,supplier,motorcycle and bycicle parts producer and supplier of south America,accelerate the enconomic growth of south America ,grow on the trading relationship.More importantly to reflect North America,Europe, southest Asia and whole china .

The fair will exhibit the latest products ,design,equipment ,service and fashion trend of motorcycle and bicycle.The former fair have countries from Clombia,Argentina,Costa Rica,Panama,Peru,Brazil,Ecuador,Nicaragua,Mexico , Gutemala,Chile total 11 latin America countries and America,India,Italy and China attend the fair,the people reach to 400,and nearly 58500 citizens and expert purchasers participate the fair.

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