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Crankcase For Two-stroke Engine

- Apr 12, 2018 -

A large number of small two-stroke engines use a sealed crankcase as a compression chamber for their mixture .These are very common as petrol or gasoline small engines for motorcycles, generator sets and garden equipment .Both sides of the piston are used as working surfaces:the upper side is the power piston ,the lower side acts as a scavening pump.As the piston rises ,it pushes out exhuast gases and produces a partial vacuum in the crankcase ,which draws in fuel and air .As the piston travels downward ,the compressed fuel/air charge is pushed from the crankcase into cylinder.

Unlike larger engines ,the crankcase does not contain engine oil because it handles the fuel/air mixture.Instead ,oil is mixed in with the fuel supply as petroil ,and this mixture provides lubrication for the cylinder walls,crankshaft and connecting rod bearings.Using ball or roller bearing for the bearing in such engines had always been more common than the oil-fed plain bearing used for other engines ,as these are more amenable to using this oil mist lubrication .These engines have been used in larger sizes for small cars .

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