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Cause Analysis Of The Abrasion Of Cylinder

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Engine work, there are several types of wear and tear, although the degree of different, but mutual influence.

1. Abrasive wear: Due to the inhalation of the air mixed with dust, oil in the accumulation of carbon, metal debris and other foreign hard impurities, forming abrasives, attached to the cylinder mirror, causing the cylinder wear.

2. Corrosion and Wear: The combustible mixture gas after the combustion of acidic materials (such as C02, CO, S02) and water vapor combination, the cylinder surface metal corrosion, in the piston friction, the cylinder surface metal shedding, that is, causing corrosive wear.

3. Melt wear: When the cylinder and the piston in the case of poor lubrication sliding, the two have a very small part of the metal direct contact, friction to form a local high fever, so that the melt touch adhesion, shedding, gradually expand that will produce wear, serious when the formation of "pull cylinder."

Normal wear has the following trends: On the cross section of the cylinder, the ellipse is formed by the inherent line of the piston skirt and the lateral pressure on the cylinder wall. It is shown in the longitudinal section of the cylinder, because the upper part of the cylinder is close to the combustion chamber temperature, it is difficult to form the oil film and form the lower cone.

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