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Honda XLR125 Motorcycle Speedometer

Honda XLR125 Motorcycle Speedometer

Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER We are factory in Chongqing of China supplying Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER With good quality since 2001. Current export quantity is 50, 000 sets monthly. Our main market are south America, southeastern Asia....

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We are factory in Chongqing of China supplying Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER
With good quality since 2001. Current export quantity is 50, 000 sets monthly. Our main market are south America, southeastern Asia.


1. Product introduction of Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER
Condition: 100% Brand New
OEM available
Very big and very small order can be accepted.

2. Product spec. of Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER
Pointer display speedometer:0-140 km/h
Fuel meter:No
ABS Shell
Bulb: 12v 3w, 12v 1.7 w,
Superior appearance & anti-aging design.

3. Product feature of the Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER
Long performance life
Our log or OEM log are available

4. Delivery, shipping and service of Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER
Delivery time: 10-30 days after order confirmation ( based on quantity)
Shipping: by truck or ship to Ningbo/Shanghai/Guangzhou, then to your country.
Packing: one pc with blister bag + inner box; your requirements acceptable. 20 pcs in one master carton.

5. Besides Honda XLR125 MOTORCYCLE SPEEDOMETER, we also supply below models with big quantity monthly.




AT110. FT125/150, DS125/150, XS125/150, CS125, ST70/90, DM150, TX200, WS150, RT180


SL125/150, DPL200/250, IZ150, TL125/150/200


GXT200, GXT200B(A), HJ125-7, HJ150-9/3A


GXT200, GXT200-B, GXT200-C, HJ125-7, HJ125-7A, HJ125-7SPORT, HJ125-2, HJ125-2A, XM200GY


AK125 NKD, AK125 SL, EVO125-NE, EVO150-NE, TT125/150, AK110, Komfort115

Auteco Bajaj

PULSAR150/180/220, DISCOVER125/150, BOXER100/150, PLATINA100/125, BOXER CT100


LD110,  Max 110, HD150 L, RD150 H, MD125, TD200P


RX125/150, HJ125, Due110, ZB110, Styler125


BLITZ 110, DLX110, TCP150, VX150, CG150 S2/S3/S4


ARSEN125/150, ARSEN150II, HORSE150, HORSE150II, JAGUAR150, LEON150, MATRIX150, OWEN150, RKV125, RKV200, SPEED150, SPEED 200, TX200, OUTLOOK125/150


BIZ100/125, C100, BIZ, C100, DREAM, CB100, CB125, CBF150, CBT125, CBX150/200/250, CD70, CD100, CG125, CG125 FAN 09-10, CG125 TITAN 02-04, CG125 TITAN 95-99, CG150 TITAN, CGL125, DIO AF17/18, AF27/28, AF34/35, ECO 100, GL150 CARGO, GRAND 110, LEAD50, NXR125 BROS, NXR150 BROS, STOM125, WAVE110, WAVE125, WIN100, CG125 Cargo


YBR125, YBR125C, AX100, GS125, GN125, EN125, BWS50/125, Jog50


AX100, GS125, GN125, EN125, AD50


Speed 125, Max 110, GTS 125, GS 200 II, GS 200 III, City 125, Eco70


Tactic 50, Skif 50, TACTIC 150, Orion 50 (72)/A, Orion 50 (72)/B, Orion 125,


Delta 50/70, Alpha 50/70, JH70, 125GY/200GY, CD70, DAX, CT70


Gilera, Beta, Cerro, Corven, MD Haojin, Zipp, Romet, REX, AHM, Yuki, Viper, KMF

Models for different market:
PAKISTAN: CD185, RX115, CD70K3, RS125, 19V, V75, YB125, CD70F, CD70C, TS100, GP100, CG125, MB100, H100S, DT100, and so on

THAILAND: RXZ, YB80, BELLE, Y80M, YLZ, RXK, DT100X, BELLE100 ,and so on 

PHILIPPINES: KMX, RXT135, YLZGF, B120, G7S, GP125, TS125, RS100P, TMX, XL125S, DT100X, DT125E, KE125A, CG125, BILP, S110 and so on 

AFRICA: AX100, YB100, CG125, C75, C50, V50, V80, MT90, RX125, RS125, Bajaj, Tvs and son on

SOUTH AMERICA: BM100, CT100, BM150, C100, GY6, CG125, TX200, CD110, GN125, TVS, DT125, WY125, YBR125, CJ750, XTZ125, XTZ250, FZ16, XRE300, TITAN150, TITAN125, RX150, FT150, CBX250, YS250, NX400, TVS APACHE, QM200, GY6, GY650, GY6125, GY6150, TX200, EN125, YES125, CG, CG150, AX100, AX100, YB100, C100 BRAZIL HONDA, GS125, GN125, OWEN150, HORSE, HORSE150, SPEED150, BROSS, NXR125, WAVE110, C50, C70, C90, JOG50, YBR125, BOXERS, BM100, BAJAJ BM150, WY125, CGL125, ARSEN II, ARSEN I, JAGUAR150, BEAR, PULSAR 135, PULSAR180, CBF150, CBF125, DISCOVER135,

RUSSIAN: YRAR, URU, JAWA, and so on. 


IRAN: CG125, CG125CDI,EIDGE,KH100, YB100, GTO, and the parts of tricycle and so on 

EGYPT: DT125, CGL125, GN125, CG125, CG150, CG200, VESPA 150 and so on

6. Besides motorcycle meters, other products we supply
Engine parts:(cylinder block, clutch): CG SERIES, GY6 SERIES, 1P40QMB, AX100, CF250, HORIZONTAL ENGINE SERIES.etc

7. Our advantage:
We can supply various models (more than 500 models on sale)
Mature motorcycle spare parts system, professional management make the price of our products very competitive.
Strong ability for your OEM orders ( samples are welcome)
Dear friends, please contact us freely, there are honest boss, professional engineers, Skilled workers and foreign trade sales with rich experience & good foreign language.

Some pictures of delivery.


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If you're looking for quality honda xlr125 motorcycle speedometer made in China, please be free to contact our factory. As one of the top suppliers in China, we'll also satisfy your customized requirement. Enjoy the low price and good service now.