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Yamaha R3

- Apr 14, 2018 -

The Yamaha R3 is an entry level sport motorcycle ,it is designed to compete with rivals in 300cc segment such as Kawasaki Ninja 300. It is designed as well balanced sport motorcycle ,with some design similarity to R25,such as engine (which is bored out).With a low seat height ,the well positioned windscreen sufficiently deflects the wind overhead.The 321 cc performance oriented engine is lightweight ,powerful,and has a wide power band.Still ,most of the power can be found from 7000rpm to readline(10500 rpm approx)which makes overtaking very easy while cruising at 75 mph.The engine uses a downdraft induction fuel injection system for easy startup and the 10-spoke wheels are made up of cast aluminium to reduce upsprung weight .The all-aluminium cylinders are designed for the purpose of dissipating heat quickly.For 2017,the YZF-R3 offers the option of ABS.It is EURO IV compliant.

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