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Yamaha FZ-600

- Apr 14, 2018 -

The FZ-600 was Yamaha's first true attempt at a 600 cc"Race Replica"with the growing interest in MotorGP Road Racing taking hold in the mid-1980s.Many FZ owners confuse their bikes with the later FZR models due to similar name and body styling.

A major difference between the FZ-600 and its successor ,the FZR-600,is the Delta Box One-Frame the FZR-600 incorporated ,like the one used on the earlier FZR-400s.This gave the FZRs more rigid support,tighter handling and reduced weight.Another notable difference was that the FZR-600's engine was titled forward to a significantly greater angle,thus providing a lower center of gravity and even more handling capability.The almsot horizaontal angle also allowed the carburetors to be mounted vertically above the intake manifolds,letting gravity help the venturi,and opening up the door for extensive performance mods like velocity stacks .However ,the FZR-600 owed much to its predecessor ,such as the sleek body stylings,responsive suspension ,and care oriented-spirit.

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