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what is the use of motorcycle bumper

- Mar 30, 2018 -

  When ride motorcycle ,the safety factor is low, so install a secure bumper over the motorcycle is an important guarantee for safe riding. As it literally mean,when under dangerous situation ,the motorcycle bumper mainly works to buffer and protect.

  If a motorcycle installed the bumper ,when it fall over to the floor,the bumper is the one that touches the floor first,then the bumper under the function of the strengh of the bumper  indirectly consume the energe of movement,thus buffer and protect the motorcycle, decrease the damage of the motorcycle.At the same time due to the support of the bumper,when the motorcycle falls the bumper and exhaust pipe fall over first which give the rider a safe space,especially the protection to legs.Motorcycles without installment of bumper when falls will press over the legs,even though maybe will not hurt the legs ,the temperature of engine and silencer are very high,it is easy to get burned


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