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What is the use of motorcycle rectifier

- Mar 30, 2018 -

  If the engine of motorcycle don't go through the rectifier,the voltage and revolving speed will fluctuate significantly,hence cause the damage of the instrument,for example,the ignition coil and bulb. The rectifier working as voltage matter how much the engine's output is ,when passing through the rectifier the voltage will become 11-12.5v.

 The rectifier of motorcycle works as rectification and adjustment of electric tension,the electricity of magneto of the motorcycle give out alternating current,and it's not stable,it is in direct proportion to revolving speed,and can reach to 60v at most which the instrument over the motorcycle can not support. Instead the rectfier gives out direct current,and adjust to 14v over the motorcycle instrument ,including the charge of accumulator ,if the rectifier is out of order,then the accumulator can't be charged.Most of disfunction of the rectifier is due to the output of no-voltage,and sometimes the over voltage,so it should be changed as soon as possible .

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