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what is the function of ignition plug during the riding process

- Mar 30, 2018 -

      The electroplax of the ignition plug generate electricity and ignite repeatedly to burn the mixture of gasoline and air,at this moment,other system of ignition produce the high voltage of electric pulse,make the sparkle and explode to provide the energe that the engine needs.

   And the structure of the ignition plug is made by a long and thin metal electrical panel put through a insulating ceramic shell, spin tightly over cylinder cover ,under the bottom of the metal shell weld electrode ,in the end center of the electrode ,has to put a tiny discharge space to seperate.

   Then the high voltage electricty will pass through this central electrode and conduct electricty,and discharge the electricty at the space under the bottom,at this moment  ,the ignition plug function and burn the mixture of gasoline and air,engine then get the energe and output the power.That means the ignition plug is a device that burn the air and gasoline mixture which goes in the engine ,working under a high temperature and high voltage condition ,are the main reason that cause the damage of the gasoline engine,it plays an very important role of the function of engine working system,and related significantly to the fuel-efficient,stablization of running.

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