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Wearing of ring groove

- Apr 09, 2018 -

A vertical impact motion of piston ring in the ring groove cause the collision and mutual friction between the surface of piston ring groove and piston ring side ,where the first ring groove is most serious and easing off downwards ,in some times ,some abnormal causes may result in the abnormal weraing of piston ring groove and piston ring .Main reason involve:

  1. The piston ring is fluttered during the motion for some reason .

  2. The excess coke in the first ring groove results in the wearing of ring groove side.

  3. The inferior lubrication of piston ring and ring groove members results in adhesive wearing because of the contact between both metals.

  4. Excess coke arising fron bad combustion result in ring adhesion ,hence taht the opening of piston ring is vertically fluttered and result in serious wearing of pistion ring opening.

  5. The material of piston ring is unqualified ,loosely organized or under low hardness.

  6. Void filters(air ,fuel and oil filters)cause the entrance of dust and other strange matter into the cylinder ,and result in abrasive wear in piston ring groove,especially in the first ring groove.

  7. Owing to the breakage of piston ring ,the local part of ring groove may be worn and widened.

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