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The use of ventilation door over the motorcycle

- Mar 30, 2018 -

  The ventilation door is designed to function under different temperature condition ,mainly contral the resistence when the air comes in to adjust the proportion of the micture of air and gasoline.When the weather is cold,neen to choose the proportion according to the working needs.

  In winter before you open the key door open the choke valce first and  better kick the actuating lever around 3-5 times ,to let the dense mixture of gas and gasoline goes first to intake-tube and engine,like this will be easier to start the engine,after the engine started ,you need to listen carefully the sound of engine,if feel some change of the engine sound need to close gradully the resistance door (to make the proportion of gasoline air mixtuer return to a normal way) 

  After the temperature of engine returns to normal ,if you don't close the resistance door will cause the decrease of the power of engine ,can not refuel and even shut down.

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