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The turn indicator stalk

- May 04, 2018 -

The turn indicator stalk or turn signal lever is the control lever which operates the turn signal or indicator lights on the front,sides and rear of the vehicle .It is usually operated by lifting or lowering the lever,the direction being commensurate with the clockwise or anticloskwise direction in which the steering wheel is to be turned .

In left hard drive(LHD)vehicles ,the turn indicator stalks are usually located on the left of the steering column.

In right-hand-drive (RHD)motor vehicles ,the indicator stalk is located on either the left or right of the steering column,depending on the manufacturer.European RHD cars generally have the stalk on the left(often using the same components as LHD cars),while Asia-Pacific RHD cars generally have the stalk on the right (mirroring the configuration of a LHD vehicle).Some manufacturers such as Subaru still have variations in the model linup as to where the turn indicator stalk is located.

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