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The structure of camshaft

- Apr 07, 2018 -

The main part of camshaft is one cylindrical rod which has the same length with cylinder block.Over the camshaft ,there are several cam ,used to drive the valve,camshaft rested inside the hole of the bearing of camshaft,therefore ,the quantity of shaft neck is a important factor which influence support stiffness of camshaft.If the camshaft don't have enough support stiffness,when is working,will being bended easily,influence the valve timing.

The profile of camshaft shape like egg.The purpose of it's design is to guaratee enough inlet and outlet of cylinder .On the other side ,in consideration of engine's durability and operation smootheness,the valve also can not produce too much impact during it's open and close in the speed up and down process,otherwise will cause serious wear of valve,increase of noise and other consequences.Therefore ,the power of cam and engine ,torque output and operation smmothness have direct relations.

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