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The introduction of igniter

- Mar 30, 2018 -

  The fundamental working principle of igniter is the coordination of igniter and the sensor togther to make sure the arcing of the ignition plug, also called the ignition timing,when the ignition coil increase voltage and ignite plug ,the sparkle burn the fuel-air mixture provoke the explosion,push the valve move up and down inside the cylinder,hence function the mortocycle engine.

  The igniter component are: power supply, ignition coil,distributor ,ignition lock,ignition plug,ballast resistor etc.

  1.Power supply:combination of accumulator and engine.when starting,the accumulator supply the low voltage power to ignition system,after start,when the voltage power of the engine is  higher than the accumulator ,the engine supply the low voltage power.

  2.Ignition coil : transfer the 12v low voltage through the accumulator supply to high voltage

  3.Distributor : under the drive of engine camshaft ,connecting or cut off  the primary current to make the ignition coil produce the high voltage power on time ,at the same time according to the ignition order put the high voltage power through each ignition plug of the cylinder. And can automatically and manually achieve the adjustment of ignition time .

  4.Ignition lock:contral the ignition system's off and on,contral the engine's launch and shut down.

  5.Ignition plug: bring in the high voltage power to combustor,produce the mxiture ot air-spark.

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