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The introduction of Crankshaft

- Apr 08, 2018 -

The crankshaft is one of the most important part in the engine.It receive the power that transfered from the connecting rod,and tehn transfer it to torque through crankshaft and output the power to drive other parts of engine to work.The crankshaft receive the centrifugal force from rotating mass,periodic changed air inertia force and reciprocating inertial force together,make the crankshaft bear the function torsional torsion load .Therefore it require the cranshaft has enough strength and severity,the surface of shaft neck need to be wear-resisting,even working and well balanced.

In order to reduce the crankshaft quality and  centrifugal force came from the movement ,the neck usually made hollow.In each surface of camshaft neck has drilled holes,to inlet and oulet the oil,and lubricate the surface of camshaft neck surface.In order to reduce the stress concentration ,the connecting point of the neck of main shaft ,crank pin,crank arm all use circular arc connection.

The  function of counter weight (also called ballast)is to balance centrifugal force and it's torque,sometimes also can balance reciprocating inertial force and it;s torque.When this strengh and torque balance by themselves ,the balance weight can also use to reduce the weight of mai bearing ,The quantity ,size and install location of counter weight need to consider according to the engine's cylinder quantity,cylinder spread pattern and the shape of crankshaft factors etc .The counter weight generally forge together with crankshaft,high-power diessl engine's counter forge separately with crankshaft ,the use the blot to tight together.

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