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The first of GS series

- Apr 16, 2018 -

The first of the GS Series was the four-cylinder GS750 released alongside the GS400 parallel twin in November 1976.The GS750 engine was essentially patterned off the Kawasaki Z1-900,and became the design basis for all air-cooled Suzuki four-stroke fours until the release of the air-oil cooled GSX-R.The GS750 engine was fitted into a dual cradle frame with the telescopia forks ,twin rear shocks and a front disc brake.The new GS750 was lauded for its handling at the time of its release ,which was a significant improvement over its Japanese contemporaries ,the older Honda CB750 ,the shaft-driven Yamaha XS750, and the more powerful but wayward handling Kawasaki 900.The GS400 was initially bored out to 423cc(GS425),and subsequently enlarged to power the four-valve GS450,and with an eight-valve TSCC head uesd on the GSX400.The eight -valve design was later used on the GS500.

The GS range was expanded in subsequent model years with a smaller 550cc four-cylinder GS550 and large GS1000 added in 1977 with the range ultimately including 125cc single cylinder machines the GS125 and larger retro-styled machines such as the GS1200SS.

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