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The Bajaj Pulsar 200NS/NS200

- Apr 20, 2018 -

The Bajaj Plusar 200NS/NS200 is a sports bike made by Bajaj Auto.The NS stands for Naked Sport.The Plusar 200NS/NS200 has a single-cylinder ,four-stroke ,triple spark-ignition&liquid-cooled engine .It uses a pressed steel perimeter frame and a box section swingarm ,an underbelly exhaust ,and rear nitrox-charged mono-shock suspension .

Bajaj Auto launched Plusar 200NS in 2012.Bajaj Auto later launched Plusar AS 200 in 2015,discontinuing the 200NS .The company relaunched the 200NS in 2017 as NS200 and a few months after the bike got an upgrade of single channel ABS with a 300mm disc instead of the 280mm disc the non-ABS variant gets.After the launch of the NS200 the pulsar AS200 was doscontinued.

The pulsar NS200 is currently the most selling performance bike in India.

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