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Piston breakage

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Piston is known as the heart of an engine and one of the ley components i the engine,however,it bears a severe working condition because it continously making high-speed reciprocating motion under the action of high-temperature abd high-pressure gas and suffering from heat load and mechanical load of high temperature and pressure ,it is the sole aluminum member in main moving parts of engine ,it is very probaly that any falilure in any part or operating state of the engine results in the injury or breaking of piston ,therefore,the failure of engine will be shown on the piston ,but the real cause of the failure may not arise from the piston ,a concrete problem must be analyzed specifically .The common failure modes and their cause of piston are analyzed in the following list.

During the relative motion between piston,piston ring and piston pins in the cylinder,a scuffing between piston and cylinder sleeve is arising from dry rub or strain for some reason,when it is run to be a certain extend,a slight piston click will be accompanied with the engine while a metal depositing is arising in the surface of cylinder;when the circumstance are particularly serious,the groove or stoppage turns up on piston and the surface of cylinder sleeve.

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