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motorcycle shock absorber

- Apr 11, 2018 -

The hydraulic shock absorber used on the rear suspension of motorcycle are essentially the same as those used in other vehicle applications.

Motorcycle shocks do differ slightly in that they nearly always use a coil-cover spring.In other words,the spring for the rear suspension is a coil spring that is installed over,or around ,the shock.

In terms of adjustment ,rear shocks span the range from no adjustments whatsoever to preload adjustments only to racing shocks with adjustments for length,pre-load ,and four different kinds of damping .Most shocks have internal oil reservoirs,but some have external ones,and some offer air-assisted damping.

A number of companies offer custom-built rear shocks for motorcycles .These shocks are assembled for a specific motorcycle and rider combination, taking into account the characteristics of the motorcycle,the weight of the rider,and the rider's preferred riding style/aggressiveness.

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