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Motorcycle instrument

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Most road motorcycle have an instrumental panel,usually consisting of sppedometer ,odometer ,and tachometer.

Fuel gauges are becoming more common ,but traditionally a reverse tank arrangement is used with a petcock (petrol tap) on the side of the motorcycle allowing the rider to switch a reserve fuel supply when the mian fuel fuel supply is exhausted .There is not actually a separete reserve tank :The intake for the petcock has two pipes ,one extending higher into the fuel tank than the other .When fuel no longer covers the longer pipe the engine will lose power/splutter and the rider switches the petcock to the ''reserve”setting ,which accesses the shorter pipe .Riders whose bikes lack a fuel gauge (most machines prior to the past few years)usually learn how far they can go with a full tank of fuel,and then use a trip meter if available to judge when they must refill the tank.

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