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Kawasaki Z1

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The Kawasaki Z1 is a four-cylinder ,air-cooled ,double -overheated camshaft ,carbureted ,chain-drive,two passenger motorcycle introduced in 1972 by Kawasaki .Following the introduction of Honda's CB750 in 1968,the Z1 helped popularize the in-line ,cross-frame four-cylinder a format that became well known as the universal Japanese or UJM.

The Z1 was noted for being the first large-capacity Japanese four-cylinder motorcycle to use the double-overhead-camshaft system on a production motorcycle .When it was introduced ,only the MV Agust a 750 featured this system ,and was a limited-production ,very exoensive machine,as opposed to the Kawasaki ,which was less than half the price.

Marketed variously as the Z1-900,900 Z1 or 900 S4,the Z1 was the first of an half the price.

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