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Introduction of Speedometer

- Jun 14, 2017 -

The car speedometer is divided into two kinds: the wheel counter and the point distance liquid crystal screen, the speedometer, which indicates the speed of the vehicle, and the mileage meter that records the distance travelled by the vehicle, are both in the common shell and driven by the same axis, and the common speedometer is generally a magnetic inductive type.

The roller counter is used in the past as a purely mechanical instrument, through a soft shaft, the end is connected to the gearbox output shaft, the other end is connected to the odometer, and now more commonly used electronic instrumentation, it is usually in the gearbox output shaft or wheel mount a speed sensor, with the readout speed through the control module embedded calculation formula to convert to speed and process.

Either way, in the final analysis, the data comes from the speed of the output of the transmission system (the gearbox output shaft or wheel), know the speed of the wheel, such as how many laps per minute, and then the circumference of the wheel (that is, the wheel to turn a circle through the distance) counted, the speed came out, mileage is the same truth.

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