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Introduction of motorcycle digital instrument structure

- Jun 14, 2017 -

With the progress of science and technology, the instrument also tends to digital, motorcycle digital instrumentation as a High-tech products, motorcycle industry has become the most important component of a device. The digital display instrument adopts microprocessor measurement and control and sensor measuring technology to display the speed, mileage, and the amount of oil in the section by controlling the light-emitting diode and the luminous combination of the digital display.

Compared with the ordinary pointer instrument, the motorcycle digital instrument has the advantages of accurate detection, low failure rate and compact structure. Motorcycle Digital instrumentation is usually through the middle of the instrument panel 5 digits to show the speed of the motorcycle, engine speed, total mileage and one-way mileage.

The indicator brightness of the motorcycle digital instrument can be adjusted, the brightness is higher during the day and the brightness is lower at night. Through the function Key's setting, may choose the speed meter, the tachometer, the mileage meter, the one-way mileage meter and so on function. The top 23 LEDs in the instrument panel can show the speed of the vehicle, the lower indicator of the instrument panel shows the oil quantity and the oil quantity alarm, the voltage alarm, the blank display, the left and right turn and so on.

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