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How to ride your motorcycle in order to prolong the service time of its engine

- Mar 29, 2018 -

    1.Maintain your motorcycle from time to time,for example,change the engine oil frequently,it is not true that there exist a kind of engine oil that can take over ten thousands miles without changing and still can work fine.

   2.When you ride a motorcycle ,accelerate it in a stable velocity.It is harmful  when you accelerate your motorcycle in a violent way ,motorcycle can ride in a very rapid way,but to ride it frequently is not a wise way

  3.Check your motorcycle condition  before you ride it every time , for exemple to see if the chain is loosen, if it is ,adjust it on time ,and don't install some dangerous parts on the motorcycle.

  4.Each time when you ride the mortocycle ,after started the engine,warm-up first,in summer usually take three minutes,and winter five minutes.


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