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How often you should change your engine oil

- Mar 29, 2018 -

    Common motorcycle,when is in it's run-in period,generally change the engine oil for the first time between 500-1000 kilometer,after then every 2000 kilometer change one time the oil would be fine.The brand of the engine oil is not crucial ,as long as it is authentic.The oil brands within similar price range,the quality is alike.It is a big mistake to change the engine oil according to the mileage.The best changing time is during the change of the season, 4 times a year could be ok, no need to calculate the mileage.During the changing season ,on the basis of different temperture,can use different mark number of oil to make the engine work in a better often the ail filtration chip and the standard quantity of the oil.

    The fundamental principle of the motorcycle :

    Oil for 4 stroke Motorcycle and oil for 2 stroke Motorcycle are different,2 stroke motorcycle is function of the mixing of gasoline and oil ,4 stroke is lubrication ,not combustion.

    Under following condition,the engine oil must be changed:

   1.Under the high tempreture, the viscosity changing in large way,usually the degree of deviation of the 100℃ kinematic viscosity over 20℃ ,the oil has to be changed.

   2.When Tranquil dispersion function is decrease,can't dissolve carbon deposition ,the oil has to be changed.

   3.when the oil indicate partial acidity.

   4.The oil contains prill,aggravate the wear of machine parts.

   5.When the flash point of the oil decrease,influence the safety of the motorcycle.According to the standard,the number must not be under 210℃.


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