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Different types of bearing

- Mar 31, 2018 -

The bearing is used widely in all kinds of machine, all kinds of machines which opertate can't leave without bearing,bearing is one of the most important part in the motorcycle, about different kinds of bearing there are big differences.

Generally inside the engine drive system and wheels ,ball bearing is commonly used,the front fork usually use flat ball bearing ,crankshaft and part of transmission shaf use neddle bearing.

Gerally speaking, the motorcycle under 100cc ,the front wheels are 6200. 6201. 6300. 6301.The rear wheels are 6301. The motorcycle of  125cc. 150cc.The front rear is 6301,rear wheels are 6202. 6302. 6200. 6201. 6202. 6203. 6204. 6205. 6206. 6300. 6301. 6302. 6000.6001.6002.6003.6004.62/22.62/28 62/32.62/32.63/28.63/32.are also commly used.

Firstly,different bearing has different resistance degree,and the bearing bearing are most resistable,this kind of bearing can bear the strongest impact,is convinient for the gear lubrication,even though lack of oil in a short time ,will not wear too much the machine .


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