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Common fault of electromagnetic fuel meter

- Jun 14, 2017 -

The common faults of the electromagnetic fuel meter and the causes are as follows:

(1) The reading is not allowed. Reading is not allowed to be across the resistance of heat damage, changed the current ratio of the two coils, or the pointer bending, electromagnetic coil short-circuit, fuel tank sensor resistance burnout and other reasons.

(2) indicates that the table pointer is unstable. The work of the pointer around the instability, the reason may be the fuel tank sensor contact piece side break, or contact with the resistance of the chip, and float lever pin wear loose caused.

(3) indicates that the table pointer stops at the full tick position. This fault may be the transmitter Resistance coil connection line string burning, or the indicator table and the transmitter connection line, the sense of transmission device caused by bad iron.

(4) Indicates that the table pointer stops at 0 digits. This fault may be indicative of the table post on the iron, or the right side of the coil circuit, or the connection of the transmitter connected to the wire, the sense of transmission terminals by iron.

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